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What is the difference between PoH and PoC?
Last Updated 7 years ago

With cable extenders you have two power standards. One is Power over HDBaset (PoH) and the other Power over Cable (PoC0. Both are being used for our Digichain products.

The main difference between the two is standardization. PoH is based on the PoE+ standard IEEE 803.AT where it can provide up to 100 watts of power. This standard ensures that all connected PoE devices are powered safely and without risk of damage. PoH devices uses voltages between 42,5 and 57 Volt.
Certified PoH extenders can be powered at either the source or display end of the link for superior installation flexibility (bi-directional).

For economical and practical reasons there is also the PoC "standard". Unlike PoH, PoC is not based on an international standard. PoC is used to power a specific product without having to meet international standards. Most PoC devices are not bi-directional powered.

With above information in mind, it's imperative to check the standard that is being used for your device. A PoC device can damage a PoH and the other way around.

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