Camera's  There are 3 products.

  • The AI Autopilot AT100 improves a meeting experience by delivering a personalized image. Instead of a fixed image as most standard camera the AT100 focusses on the participants. If there is more than one participant the AT100 will frame everybody.   Where other tracking cameras can only track within the view of the PTZ lens, The AT100 comes  with two...

  • The AI Autopilot AT200 makes meetings more engaging and assures a high quality video for almost all meeting platforms.The AT200 comes with an HDMI, SDI and USB 2.0 video output. The AT200 can be directly used on a computer, laptop or conference room system.

  • The AI Autopilot AT300 brings your virtual meeting to the next level by introducing a dual camera experience. Make meetings more engaging with the fast switching auto directed framing cameras. The AT300 comes with an HDMI and SDI video output. Combine the AT300 with the SDI – USB converter for direct use on a computer or room system